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Want to read Arabic? Learn the letters.

Nothing to it.
(1st line) faraqa (difference) al-bint (girl) wal-walad (and boy) be-starbucks.
(2nd line) al-walad (the boy): Mocha.
(3rd line) al-bint (the girl): Caramel macchiato extra hot skimmed milk without thaani oxide al-carbon (CO2) with little kabritat alhadeed (ferrous sulfate).

What did I just read??

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Arabic (كله وجع) - everything hurts. Said sarcastically about hospital patients who complain too much (e.g. - ".. and then I had this little pain in the neck that spread down, and I couldn't move my left arm, and I had an itch under my armpit, and my right leg became numb all of a sudden, and.." - "wallahi, kullu waja3! slow down a bit!")
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(from the daily funmail)
A recent survey in England asked the following question:
Are there too many foreigners in this country now?

20%: YES
10% : NO
70% :معهد الأمن العالمي بواشنط
Now, if they wanted to say "World Security Institute in Washington", there are two letters missing at the end (currently it says "washant" :) Funny how people don't even know how to cut and paste Arabic properly...

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Here's the fragment in Arabic that has no translation in the movie. Papi asks Haled whether he's been with a girl before. Haled nods. The following conversation takes place:

Anyone cares to translate?

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Allah is ... what? (spotted in the Nachal Taninim nature reserve)

(cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] arabic)

ETA: "Allah Mohammad". That's not a sentence.

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"נכנסתי לחדר אחריו. ביקשו שאקרא את המשפט בערבית. אמרתי אותו בעברית במבטא ערבי כבד: 'וואללה, תראו את בניין האמבייר סטייט, הוא כל כך גבוה שאני לא רואה את סופו'. מאוד חששתי שמישהו יעלה על הבלוף הזה, אבל זה לא קרה. כך קיבלתי את התפקיד הראשון שלי בהוליווד".
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Kids are sick with some virus, we're not going anywhere.

By the way, Yosef Moran correctly notes that Arabs put their sick in a "mustashfa" (hospital), literally, a place that brings cure ("sheefa"). Jews, on the other hand, put their sick in a "beyt kholim", a house for the sick. Not very encouraging, is it?

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Ana ameer uinte ameer, umeen bisuq il-7ameer?
(I am a prince, and you're a prince, but who's gonna drive the donkeys?)

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ad-dunya zay al-khiyara. marra fi idak wa-marra fi Tizzak.

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מאת דוד איילון ופסח שנער

(via [livejournal.com profile] shaulreznik)


Feb. 19th, 2007 10:21 am
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Beautiful, isn't it?

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http://montagal.com/adel/video.html (Arabic, Hebrew subtitles)

No, this is not a real translation, but what the heck?

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Okay, so what happened during this week of writing in Palestinian Arabic? First of all, no lj-friend left me. That's a good thing. It means that people had faith in me coming back to my senses eventually. Some eyebrows were raised, but all in all, people showed understanding. On the other hand, nobody befriended me, even though I made a brief appearance in [livejournal.com profile] arabic towards the end. No Arabs commented on my blog. Instead, I had an unusually high comment-rate by a certain religious Jew from Haifa :) I guess, he too, needs some practice for his rusty colloquial Arabic. The writing was difficult. I had to say what I could, instead of what I wanted. Many personal things happened during that week, and they became kind of an open secret (security by obscurity). The bottom line is this - it's difficult to learn a spoken language without having a native speaker to converse with. I'll go on studying from my books, but I have no illusions of becoming another Zvi Yehezkeli. Ma3aleish!

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Is it true that Arabic has no word for "boys"? This morning there was this Arab guy talking on the radio about his family. The interviewer asked him how many kids he's got, and he said "I have 5 children - 2 girls and 3 children".

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Did you hear our own Oded Fehr speak arabic on Sleeper Cell? As far as my ears can tell, every ʻayn and every ḥā was just in place. Mumtaaz!

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נוצר הדין = ناصر الدين = keeper of the faith? One fine keeper of the faith he is.

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Sheik Jassem Al-Mutawah explains the difference between men and women, using modern computer software.

(spotted at [livejournal.com profile] andrushka_il's)

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After seeing this Hebrew Moslem site, I wonder - are there any Moslems in Israel, whose mother tongue is Hebrew? (excluding people who converted due to intermarriage)

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Palestinian Arab Folktales (via [livejournal.com profile] shaulreznik)

Heaps of Arab folk tales in English translation, complete with sidenotes and commentaries. Some of them remind me of Russian folk tales, some are just plain weird. Didn't have time to read more than 3 or 4. Goes into my "one of these days" box.


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