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Alphabet card #13 joins the list!


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Why do people keep printing postcards with spelling mistakes in them?


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This card is going to Russia today. Why can't I find this picture of her online?

Galit Gutmann

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The last one in my collection comes from [livejournal.com profile] _wwwera_, an early birthday gift. The card originates from Holland. Thanks Vera, it only makes me realize that there must be a couple more alphabet designs that I need to locate :)

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After long deliberations, the Israeli Post finally came up with a list of countries that we're not supposed to mail to. Not many surprises there, except for one: Algeria. I have already managed to send them postcards, with various degrees of success. So as usual, the guiding principle is "don't worry, it's gonna be fine".

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Sent this nice free card via Postcrossing the other day, never thinking much about it. The text says "is it not good for a person to be alone?". I don't know what the interrogative form is doing there, but I suppose it has some special meaning for the ad on the other side (which I simply covered with a white sticker). After the card arrived, I became curious about the origin of this image, and fed it into Google's Image Search. What do you reckon? The man is not alone at all :)

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They just don't quit the alphabet series, do they? One more to the set !

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Alphabet10Scraping the bottom of the barrel, here is another alphabet card for my collection. This one is different in the way that it has different fonts of Hebrew on it, not just the regular block letters. Still, there is one card missing...

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Your 2011 statistics:

The numbers

  2011 Ever
Postcards sent 634 1240
Postcards received 623 1215

Days your mailbox was happy: 197



Country ranking by sent: 1st
Country ranking by distance: 1st

Read more... )

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Another great card from Postcrossing...

Just by watching this lovely smiling face, you get the feeling that everything is gonna be just fine.

(By the way, I changed my Postcrossing settings to "send to repeated countries". I hope this eliminates problematic destinations, such as Latin America, Malaysia, New Zealand and such...)

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Cute tram-related postcards from [livejournal.com profile] _wwwera_.

Double careful (Hebrew)Double careful (Arabic)

Hebrew: A tram is coming?? Be double careful!! At a junction stop only before the stop line.
Arabic: A tram is coming?? Be double careful!! If you see a tram approaching, do not cross the street!

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Mano Maritime Ltd.

Probably the only Israeli postcard that shows a cruise ship. I wish I had more of those. They are free, but I think you actually have to board the Golden Iris in order to get them.

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My first official postcard from Israel in the Postcrossing project. Because of the small number of Israeli users the chances of that happening are like winning the lottery. I am quite shocked. The card apparently traveled the distance of 49km in 25 days (that's 80m an hour). Snail-mail lives up to its name :)

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Alphabet9Got a belated birthday card from [livejournal.com profile] _wwwera_, and guess what it is? A new completely unknown Hebrew alphabet card! Nicely extends my collection, setting the number of different designs to 9. I know there's one more, and I have no idea where to get it...


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