Oct. 29th, 2012 05:37 pm
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Does anyone here have Instagram and I'm still not following them?


Jul. 22nd, 2012 08:41 am
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The cellphone gods are definitely trying to send me a message. Two weeks ago my E72 fell into the toilet, and I barely rescued it (there were several failed attempts to turn it on again). But yesterday they have outdone themselves. The phone was forgotten in a pair of pants that went into the laundry. The washing machine had 15 minutes of uninterrupted fun with my phone until we pried it out, wet through and through. Externally the phone looks intact, so I am doing the de-waterization dance again. Will try to reconnect in 24 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Update: Miracles still happen. The phone is fully functional! The only thing that got damaged was the display. Light intensity is much lower than before, and some "cloud" patterns appear in the background. Nokias live forever :)

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After the bakers' strike a couple of weeks ago: advertisement and misadvertisement on a grocery store wall in Kfar Saba.

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"Massage with a USB connection to the computer". What is that all about?

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Anyone who ever drove on ha-Shalom street towards the center of Tel-Aviv knows the huge traffic jams typical to that place. This coffee shop owner decided to take advantage of the situation. The red sign says "Ice coffee for the car. 10 NIS. Honk!!!" (that's around $2.5, must be very good coffee).

Come to think of it, honking for no good reason is illegal... hmm...

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Well, that was an easy one. Of course, it's a phone recharger. It has every possible connector you can think of, and it's supposed to charge your phone while you eat, or spend time at the establishment. I think that if they had such boxes in Israel, they'd end up in many stolen phones.

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Fact: When I drive to work every morning, there's a shortcut I can take, which saves me 10-15 minutes driving time. The shortcut takes me away from the main road, and into some farmland.
Problem: When I get out of the farmland there's a gate that is sometimes open and sometimes closed. There's no way around the gate. Driving to the gate and back takes 10 whole minutes.
Solution (raw): Hide a 3rd generation phone nearby, with the camera facing the gate, configured for auto-answer. Call the phone in video mode, see the gate, disconnect, select the correct route.
Challenge: Prevent the field workers from finding the phone and stealing it. Recharge the battery regularly.

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I've got some kind of a connectivity problem between my cellphone and my PC. That's why some pictures appear here quite late. Well, what the heck, better late than never.

Here are a few late adders from our trip to the Hermon two months ago.

I never knew that orthodox Jews also go skiing, and in their everyday outfit too.

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This one is not much to laugh about. One old fellow left a folding chair in an elevator. It was a tall building, and there were many elderly people living there, so the idea was quite a success. A few weeks passed, the old fellow passed away, and the next day the chair disappeared.
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סכנה, הקיר הולך להקיע (להיות כאן מעלה ציורים..)
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The ringtone issue is settled. I downloaded 'Ashes to Ashes' by David Bowie.

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Speaking about cellphones, I'm fed up with this "yak tzap tzop" ringtone that used to be popular a couple of months ago. I need something new. Something pleasant, easily distinguishable among other phones, and not too long. Something I can download from the net. What kind of ringtone do you have on your phone?

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Don't play with your cellphone while driving. You'll get a ticket.

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As ill luck would have it, those two have been placed next to each other.

On one hand:And on the other hand:

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Explain etymologically:

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I did try peeling that thing off the frying pan...

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"You're not supposed to park here!!!"
Spotted in north Tel-Aviv.


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