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I keep watching the small fisherman's village about 10km West of our summerhouse in Estonia. It's almost like being there.... almost.

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How to build a house with a slanted roof (extracted from [livejournal.com profile] aet's comment):

üks )
kaks )
kolm )

Love those, especially the small cafe (2nd pic).

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I like houses with slanted roofs, like this one, in Mändjala Village. Sometimes the roof is so tilted, that the edge touches the ground. Sometimes the tilt is asymmetrical - extra points.

[livejournal.com profile] aet, this is the kind I was asking you about, remember?

(picture stolen off the internet)

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Dad just loves maps. After our visit to Saaremaa he took his Corel Draw and produced this route map. Pretty good coverage, but only of the most touristic places. I wish I could get back there, for the "off the beaten track" locations (I can only imagine the beaches this island has, not to mention the small islets). Maybe in a few years, when Yahel is older...

for the bigger picture )

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This change point in Tallinn will deal with Iiiisraeli Seeeekels. Good to know. Maybe I won't have to buy euros next time around.

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A billboard at the summerhouse village of Kiisa.

one particular message caught my eye )

eng )

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Dad says those reflectors are known among his friends as "Jewish stripes".

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Well, that was an easy one. Of course, it's a phone recharger. It has every possible connector you can think of, and it's supposed to charge your phone while you eat, or spend time at the establishment. I think that if they had such boxes in Israel, they'd end up in many stolen phones.

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You can find these machines in several restaurants and public places in Estonia.

can you guess what's their function? )

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Oh dear, I am completely out of the loop. My uncle Toomas was elected to Riigikogu, the Estonian parliament! This year in March...

(Go here, press "Members", "XI Riigikogu", and scroll down to number 87).

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Estonian SIM cards have two PINs and two PUKs. Wow. What does that mean?

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Within the borders of Glehn's Park in Nõmme, there's a huge statue, five times the size of a human being, of the Estonian national hero Kalevipoeg. The author of the statue depicted Kalevipoeg as a shepherd, wearing a goat skin complete with head and horns. Because of these horns, the locals have titled the sculpture "Glehn's devil".

Glehn must have strongly opposed to this nickname, so he added a clarification at the foot of his massive creation:

ceci n'est pas... )

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This is some kind of a capsule hotel, Estonian style. My guess is, they put drunk drivers in there for the night.

The closest to giving the correct solution was [livejournal.com profile] kukukas. You win an Estonian SIM card (without roaming) with a 60 crowns (€4) balance.

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Found in the back yard of a country-style restaurant in Saaremaa.

Can anyone guess what this construction is used for? I'll publish the solution tomorrow.

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for kinuski )

for aet )

for whitebear )

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No matter how much you try to break away from the Soviet Union, some soviet stuff just won't go away. A typical label:

Translates as: "Article 3-021./2∙3, price 2.10, 13 liters, not for food products".

it's not difficult to guess what it is )

And a bonus question: what does the missus perceive as "Swiss talk"?

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The old city of Tallinn is speckled with these signs. No policemen can be seen anywhere.

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It turns out that my brother Denis wrote an article about the Bronze Soldier in the Estonian Postimees paper (it's from February, before all hell broke loose). I received an approximate translation into Russian, but I cannot find anything online.


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