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Grandpa Mishas Birthday

Here's a clipping from today's Postimees. It loosely translates as "Former colleagues from Otepää and Tartu congratulate the long-time director of Tartu's Meat Processing Plant and Tartu Cannery on his birthday".

Happy birthday Grandpa. Wish I could come visit you more often...

Cum laude!

Oct. 23rd, 2007 11:49 am
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The missus just got her last grade in her Business Management degree (BA)! That makes her the first member of her family (i.e. siblings, parents and grandparents) to own a college degree. Congratulations, luv! I knew you could do it!

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Oh dear, I am completely out of the loop. My uncle Toomas was elected to Riigikogu, the Estonian parliament! This year in March...

(Go here, press "Members", "XI Riigikogu", and scroll down to number 87).

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It turns out that my brother Denis wrote an article about the Bronze Soldier in the Estonian Postimees paper (it's from February, before all hell broke loose). I received an approximate translation into Russian, but I cannot find anything online.

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Yesterday I went over to my dad's place (the one who lives in Tel-Aviv) to fix some minor computer problems. He asked me what I wanted to drink, I said "whatever", and he prepared his spécialité de la maison - strong black tea (known in Russia as "chifir"). You think that black coffee is stimulating? You never tried this stuff. Mainly used as a mild narcotic in prison, this drink contains two spoonfuls of tea in one cup of boiling water, sugar, and some milk. I forgot we used to drink it at home, but now it all came back to me. Let's say that the JJ practice that came afterwords was very energetic.

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Dad writes: This is how all taxis in Tokyo are equipped today. On the right you see the driving directions, and on the left - a general view of your current location, with an arrow that points where you're heading.


Apr. 1st, 2007 09:08 am
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The time - yesterday, 11am. The place - my mother-in-law's new apartment (I'm still not done with all the drilling). The mission - installing a toilet paper holder in the master bathroom. The drill penetrates the ceramic tile with some difficulty, then sinks a couple of millimiters, then gets stuck. I apply more pressure, yet more pressure, something gives, and the drill breaks in two. No water this time. After a while we discover that every time we flush the toilet, the power goes out, the downstairs neighbour starts banging on the wall (what's with him?) and the burglar alarm uses its backup battery to call the police and play a "power supply is being tampered with" recording!

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Today I worked in my mother-in-laws apartment again. This time I took upon myself to hang a shelf in the bathroom. Just imagine yours truly working with an electric drill, slowly and patiently going deeper and deeper into a wall, when ... *splosh* a fountain of water comes out! In the movies they usually strike oil this way, but in my case it was just hot water coming out of a plastic pipe inside the wall. I tried to stop it with the palm of my hand, but it was waaay too strong to handle. Someone had to run into the hallway and shut off the main. The end result - a ruined pipe, water cut off for the whole apartment, wall needs to be partially taken apart and rebuilt. An afternoon well spent.

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My very talented cousin Johnny decided to draw his own comics strip. It appears in Hebrew and English alternatively. Enjoy! http://hamandwonder.cabspace.com
(no RSS feed available at this point)

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I have two cousins of mine coming to Israel for one week by the end of the summer. They're high-school kids, and they're looking for some organized tours for young people. Does anyone know of English-speaking tours that target the 16-18 age group?

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While some of us deal with such mundane things as looking for a better job, thinking of ways to reduce our mortgage payments, or finding a nanny for our kids, my uncle Toomas Trapido from Estonia helps birds recover from oil spills in the Baltic Sea. Toomas has held various positions in the Estonian Fund for Nature in the past couple of years, and is a dedicated activist for a greener environment.

Here, on the left, after washing and rinsing an swan soiled with crude oil.


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