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Why do people keep printing postcards with spelling mistakes in them?


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ברית אזורים תאומות

More stupid grammar. The writers in the KY paper fail in taking apart a simple Hebrew idiom, and replacing one word.

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What's wrong with these people? If you don't know Hebrew, don't publish a newspaper.

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Typical Israeli "nobody will know the difference" attitude.

Jewish community in Finland Jewish community in the Ukraine

Spotted at the international Sukkot festival in Netanya.

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Another funny story from the Meshushim Stream trip two weeks ago. As I was unfamiliar with the new entrance to the nature reserve, I was driving with Waze on. Everything went fine, until I had to take the final turn left, to go up road 888. Waze told me I had a few more km to go, when suddenly something clicked ... "route recalculation"! The turn left disappeared, and instead a new route, much longer and more complicated appeared on screen. 20 more minutes! Wow. I couldn't believe my eyes. Middle of the day, empty roads, my destination so close, and now this. I took a chance, and turned left anyway. And there it was - the cause of my trouble. A Waze-equipped car that pulled over to the side of the road, the driver busy talking to someone.


Sep. 6th, 2011 09:50 pm
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Yesterday our team at work decided to take a time-out, and have a small dinner party. We chose the 2C restaurant, which is located on top of the tallest building in Tel-Aviv, the Round Tower of the Azrieli Business Center. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive, I browsed through the touristic brochures scattered on the coffee table at the entrance. Something strange caught my eye. How on earth did they end up with this version of the view South-West? (appears in all the non-Hebrew versions)

Azrieli Observatory - RussianAzrieli Observatory - Hebrew
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Real estate and cottage

In Israel you've got to own some real estate in order to afford cottage cheese these days.

Definitely something cottagy about it

The realtor' ads are definitely hinting they're willing to trade.

Shu mail?

Jun. 13th, 2011 02:33 pm
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Tried to geotag some photos in Flickr by placing them in Northern Tel-Aviv, around Ibn-Gabirol street. Flickr insists that I took the pictures in Ṣummeil, Tel Aviv. What the hell is Ṣummeil? AFAIK, Google finds it only in automated geotagging systems.

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Okay, so in the middle of all this mess on the news, Better Place finally published the prices of their electric cars and their service agreements. This is just a preliminary draft, but you can already spot that they made a major marketing mistake.

First of all, the Renault Fluence vehicles. They are priced at over 120K nis, which is the same as their gas-powered counterparts. The only thing they forgot to take into account, is that electric vehicles are taxed at 10%, while gas-based ones pay 78%. Let's assume that they cost more-or-less the same to manufacture, and you start to wonder: where does the money go?

Second, the service agreement. Let's say that you currently drive an economical car, one that goes 10km per liter, and you drive 20,000km per year. You will then need 2,000 liters of gas, and will pay (at 7.7 nis/liter) a sum of 15,400 nis each year, or 1283 nis a month. The cheapest Better Place service agreement for 1 month is 1090 nis a month. Big deal!

And last but not least - who's gonna buy those cars anyway? The technology has just come around, and things are changing rapidly. The "latest and greatest" of 3 years from now will have nothing in common with what they offer today. The car will become an unsellable lump of metal.

In short, one huge flop.
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Two kindses?

Hate it when people make grammatical mistakes in street signs. Grrrrr...


Nov. 22nd, 2007 07:41 am
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Winter has started and the roof is leaking again. Fortunately it's only in one place in the study, but what a nuisance. Got to call the roof repairman. Again.

Update: The roof man came and went. Silicone fixes everything (100 NIS for a few minutes' work).

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I've had enough. If Dragon Networks is not fixing Yahel.net in the next couple of days, I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Road Rage.

Oct. 17th, 2007 09:30 am
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Why on earth would someone put fake bullet hole stickers on his car? (and a company car too). Beats me...

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Some nincompoop in the Kfar Yona middle school left the automatic bell system working for the weekend. Now we are greeted with a lovely tune that resonates throughout the neighbourhood, every 45 minutes, starting 8am. It's a holiday, for crying out loud, people want to sleep in late! Grrr...

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I don't know if anyone watched the "Line Up" (מסדר זיהוי) game show on channel 10, but yesterday it was just terrible. There was no way whatsoever to guess who was who (except for one or two obvious choices), and to top it all: they misspelled the profession of one of the participants. Instead of writing "פנצ'ר מאכער" (tire repairman) they wrote "פנצ'ר מעכאר", which makes no sense in any language. Israeli "sloppy job" attitude at its best.

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A fake "missing person" site, which is actually an ad for Hanefilim science fiction series on TV: www.find-tzuri.co.il
If you call the phone number listed at the bottom of the page, a recording is played, where the person presumably cannot hear you. What an ugly form of advertisement.

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Tried burning some movies for the kids using Nero Express. The bloody thing seems to totally botch the files if the filenames have Hebrew characters in them. Ruined one CD and one DVD. Bummer.

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The sick bastard must do time!

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From: Danny Dorfman
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 7:29 PM
To: info@tivtaam.co.il
Subject: Membership cancelation

לטיב טעם שלום,

בעקבות הפיכתה של הרשת לכשרה, יש בכוונתי לבטל את חברותי במועדון הלקוחות.
האם אוכל לקבל על כך החזר כספי?

בתודה מראש,
דני דורפמן

<From: Noa Shabtai <noas@tivtaam.co.il

דני שלום,

על מנת לבטל את חברותך במועדון ולקבל החזר כספי יחסי לשארית תקופת החברות,
עליך לשלוח לי במייל חוזר בקשה מפורשת ובה מס הכרטיס, שם מלא, תז וכתובת

תודה, נועה

נועה שבתאי

מנהלת מועדון הלקוחות
טיב טעם
04-6179055 # 9055
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.חנויות נטושות. לאחרים פשוט אין את זה


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