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Indexed YouTube clips.

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Those things start piling up. Better post them all.
  • Anybody who wants to get married / divorced / burried (god forbid), or get info about any Jewish holiday, this is the place to start looking. The Jewish Encyclopedia (heb).
  • If you have trouble understandig cooking recepies (like me), you'll love this cooking site. It shows how to prepare the meals using flash videos. Registration is required.
  • Since we're in the domain of flash, here's a nice flash game. The aim of Bloxors is to get the blocks to fall into the square holes at the end of each stage. There are 33 stages to complete.
  • A very simple application to test your typing speed. I don't remember my score, but it was something pityful.
  • Don't you sometimes wonder why hasn't anyone invented a device for preventing traffic accidents? So here is one that looks promising. Watch the flash video (heb).
  • This site will scan any file you upload using every imaginable (updated) software to detect any virus, trojan, spyware etc. It will probably be wise to bookmark it and use it whenever you run a suspicious exe, like a crack or something.
  • Yet another photo competition. This one is sponsored by KLM (spotted it in Amsterdam). There are some nice prizes to be won.
  • Some dude created a special camera to be carried by his cat. The camera takes pictures every couple of minutes, and shows the cat's daily travels. Pretty neat (via [livejournal.com profile] missmokie).
  • Lots and lots of movies to be watched online, using flash video technology. The site shows mainly Russian titles, but I think there are other countries as well.
That's it. Until next time.

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Videos from Reshet (heb). Check out the intro with the latest Romeo and Juliet of the silver screen :)


May. 7th, 2007 10:08 am
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Various trivia about our neighboring city (heb).
Note the tree dictionary, which lists some unusual trees that grow in the streets.

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http://www.meda-media.ietv.gov.il/ (heb)

A big archive of cast-up video from the Israeli Educational Television (channel 23), sorted and categorized.
To play a movie full-screen, press the big flat X at the bottom of their player; Esc gets you back to a small window. Doesn't seem to work with Firefox.

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http://www.informa-tv.co.il (heb)

A do-it-yourself site, where every item comes with its own video. Check out the "magic" section for instance :)
One word of caution - may not work well with Mozilla...

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All in Hebrew:

http://www2.eitan.ac.il/outxp/ - קורס מקיף על אאוטלוק
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/excel/ - קורס מקיף על אקסל
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/mediaplayer/ - קורס מקיף על מדיה פלייר
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/dotnet/ - קורס מקיף על טכנולוגיית דוטנט
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/vb/ - קורס מקיף על ויז'ואל בייסיק
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/accessxp/ - קורס מקיף על אקסס
http://www2.eitan.ac.il/pptxp/ - קורס מקיף על פאוור פוינט

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  • Elena's Motorcycle Ride through Chernobyl. A blood chilling documentary of the town that suffered one of the major nuclear catastrophes of all times (via [livejournal.com profile] lahedge).
  • The mission of the Global Orgasm is to effect change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy. Yeah, let's do it! Only a couple of days left to prepare.
  • If you still don't know how they cut people in half on magic shows, it's time to find out, don't you reckon?
  • Eight minutes' video of professional drivers parking their cars in all imaginable ways.
  • Stuff for kids - cartoons, games, stories, music, coloring books, you name it.
  • Speaking about kids, here's another cool place called My First Home Page, with dozens of links for children aged 4-5.
  • Apparently there a campaign for collecting the gas masks from the public. Never heard of it before (heb).
  • Last but not least, here's a place where you can watch American TV series over the net, for free. The quality is so-so at best, the problem being bandwidth.
C'est tout!

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In case you're about to fly, and you have a say on where you're seated, here's a handy little site. It will tell you all about the upsides and downsides of specific seats in specific aircrafts.


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The fastest way to reach the human support in all major Israeli ISPs, cellular carriers, TV companies and such (heb).

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Some information and comparative data on recordable CDs (heb).

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Babies' stuff - http://www.paotot.co.il/rs/default.asp
Groceries - http://www.zol.org.il/

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שווה שמירה במועדפים לרגע בו תזדקקו. כל המחשבונים שרק אפשר לחשוב עליהם. רק לבחור מה לחשב.


למי שיש ילדים בתיכון\בי"ס - שימו לב ללינק "דפי נוסחאות",
ובאוניברסיטה: "דפי נוסחאות של NSOF"

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Lots of useful Israeli sites at a glance (heb).

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There's a wizard for everything these days...

אשף השמות העבריים


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