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Just an essence of all the nice stuff we have in this country.

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We built this cityCan someone please explain, what is that green bear doing there? The shot was taken 3 weeks ago in Petah Tikva.

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Strange words, but good effort nonetheless.

Holy crap!

Dec. 11th, 2011 03:11 pm
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"Danger! Franciscan sewage station. Entrance forbidden! In case of a malfunction call the number..."

(Spotted by the Franciscan church in Capernaum).

Danger! Franciscan sewage

Never knew that Franciscan sewage was somehow special, compared to the regular kind. Hmmm...

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Cute tram-related postcards from [livejournal.com profile] _wwwera_.

Double careful (Hebrew)Double careful (Arabic)

Hebrew: A tram is coming?? Be double careful!! At a junction stop only before the stop line.
Arabic: A tram is coming?? Be double careful!! If you see a tram approaching, do not cross the street!

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Typical Israeli "nobody will know the difference" attitude.

Jewish community in Finland Jewish community in the Ukraine

Spotted at the international Sukkot festival in Netanya.

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I just found out, why the lifeguard stations on the Mediterranean coast never mark their designated bathing areas directly in front of them, but a bit to the side.

For example, if the the station is marked with an X, the bathing area will look like this:
  /     \         sea
            X     coast

can you guess why is that? )
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Real estate and cottage

In Israel you've got to own some real estate in order to afford cottage cheese these days.

Definitely something cottagy about it

The realtor' ads are definitely hinting they're willing to trade.

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On assignment from Felix Lupa's 2-day course.
And then she's like ..Urban geometryRG-BRG-B+Y
Circumcision checks and fix-up (?)To boldly goОдин серый, другой белыйSweet ExplosionShteiner Orthopedics
For rentGiladi Stamps and CoinsSmokerNon-smoker 

Shot yesterday between 1 and 4 pm in the streets surrounding Nahlat Binyamin in Tel-Aviv.

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Underground pool, Ramla

Looks medieval, doesn't it?

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"Israel" in American Sign Language.

(There's a lot more).

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Here's the fragment in Arabic that has no translation in the movie. Papi asks Haled whether he's been with a girl before. Haled nods. The following conversation takes place:

Anyone cares to translate?

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Lately I spend quite a few days at home because of Shachar's stomach virus. This gives me time for some long overdue house chores, but also for some easy hiking. One day, when the kid was a bit better, I took him to our nature-reserve-next-door, Alexander River.

Read more... )

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Golan Brewery. Next item on my culinary touring map.

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"Massage with a USB connection to the computer". What is that all about?

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Anyone who ever drove on ha-Shalom street towards the center of Tel-Aviv knows the huge traffic jams typical to that place. This coffee shop owner decided to take advantage of the situation. The red sign says "Ice coffee for the car. 10 NIS. Honk!!!" (that's around $2.5, must be very good coffee).

Come to think of it, honking for no good reason is illegal... hmm...

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Found in a pile of old coins that was given to Yahel by grandpa Eli:

The asimon (Hebrew for "token") was the only means of payment in Israeli public phones until the end of the 80s, when it was replaced by the telecart. I remember one year, when the price of phone calls went up so steeply that analysts concluded that the investment in asimonim was better than the dollar, or the stock market. The only problem was, how to buy them in large quantities. In any case, the asimon was a common cultural token of those days. A mythical pick-up strategy for young people was to approach the subject with one of these tokens, and tell them "call me up some time".
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The Tiv Ta'am deal exploded! Yessss!


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