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Kfar Yona's new skatepark

Looks like we're gonna have a skate park in KY after all :)

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This morning, as I was driving through Kfar Yona's main street, I saw a magnificent sight. A tractor knocked off the top of a fire hydrant, and a huge fountain appeared out of nowhere (yeah, just like in Hollywood movies). The tractor operator didn't know what to do, and how to stop this sudden eruption, but I made no mistake - drove through the downpour extra slowly, and gave my car a nice free washing. Sparkling clean!

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Kfar Yona is usually a quiet little place, and nothing is happening around here. However, last Thursday I witnessed a rather disturbing scene near the mall. A soldier girl was getting off the city-bus, and her big bag got caught in the door. She yelled to the driver to stop and release it, but he just kept on going for a few meters. Turned out the driver was an Arab, and some interracial insults were thrown both ways. Reportedly, he said things about her mother, and the stuff he'd do to her, and the others didn't keep quiet either. Eventually the crowd got a bit mad, and blocked the bus's way with their cars. The driver got barricaded within, along with a few of his passengers. Some youngsters got a few rocks the size of a melon, and hurled them at the bus. The front door got smashed in. Only after 20 minutes or so, the police arrived, and calmed everyone down. The passengers were released, and the damaged bus was escorted to the police station. That's as much as I've gathered, arriving a few minutes too late... So, what do you guys do for fun where you live?

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The hamburger giant from the US of A is coming to Kfar Yona!

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Michal Ben-Lulu ... bad girlMichal Ben-Lulu, the sut

What did we do to deserve these ornaments?

The one on the school fence has a missing letter in it. I bet the writer's acquaintance with that institution is purely by way of "art".

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The name of my town in Chinese: 科法尔.尤纳

(via [livejournal.com profile] linguaphiles)

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"Do not leave your products and leave, your products will be returned to the shelf".

Forget me not

Spotted at the local grocery store in KY. The plastic bags under the sign show that it's being completely ignored. Yeah..


Sep. 11th, 2011 01:16 pm
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Beach volleyball

A beach volleyball court in a school's backyard in Kfar Yona.

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Cycling around KY

The end of spring - grass is starting to dry up. Perfect weather for cycling.
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A letter from the anti-antenna headquarters:

Dear friends, we won!
The Partner company decided not to build the base station at the previously selected location.
The antenna will be moved to a South-Western location in the middle of the avocado plantations.
The head of the Local Council, Effie Der'ee, and VP of Technology at Partner, Alon Berman, arrived at an agreement regarding future ways of cooperation. Partner agreed to all our demands:
  • The new location of the base station will be chosen together with us.
  • The "theoretical survey" for the base station will be checked by an independent testing institute, chosen by us.
  • Quarterly radiation tests will be conducted by an examiner chosen by the Local Council, and funded by Partner.
It was also decided not to activate the existing station on Rabin Street, and move it outside the Western neighborhood, towards road 57. As for the base station that was about to be erected at the cemetery of Yanuv, it was decided not to proceed with the construction work. Partner will try, in agreement with the Local Council, to find an alternative location, further away.

I personally think that even if we didn't eliminate the "danger" altogether, we at least moved it further away from the houses of Kfar Yona. Please note that the distance almost tripled - instead of 120 meters we got 300, which is definitely a victory, achieved without bloodshed. I propose to anyone interested to join me for a short tour in the field, to evaluate the new location.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who helped bring the victory home: Micha, Amir, Oren, Yohanan, Natan, Rakefet, Yael, Yuval, Ali, Rafi, Ilan, Eli, Sagit and many others, without whom it wouldn't have happened. And of course, to the Local Council and the man heading it, who walked with us hand in hand. Thanks to everyone who took part in this. We will keep updating you via the mailing list and our website, regarding the "survey" and the field tests.

Again, thanks to everyone,
with "no base station was built here" blessings,

No Toren!

Nov. 5th, 2007 05:12 pm
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http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3467782,00.html (heb)

More information about the cellular monster that's about to be erected 150 meter from our house. The whole neighborhood is on its toes. Nobody knows exactly what to do without breaking the law.

ETA: More in Globes (heb).

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The people of our neighborhood are joining forces to prevent a huge cellular antenna from being erected next to our homes. If you have an Israeli Orange phone number and have been thinking of getting rid of it anyway, join our petition. Our strength is in numbers.

http://www.yam.co.il/notoren/ (heb)

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And now to the solution of the reverse V sign riddle. Turns out this is the proper way to request permission to go to the bathroom during class. Nobody in LJ guessed it, but my boss knew it immediately when asked yesterday during lunch break. How he knew, beats me.

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Suppose you're a school kid living in Kfar Yona (not Winston Churchill), what does this sign mean to you? Hint: victory has nothing to do with it. Correct replies will be screened until tomorrow.

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Some nincompoop in the Kfar Yona middle school left the automatic bell system working for the weekend. Now we are greeted with a lovely tune that resonates throughout the neighbourhood, every 45 minutes, starting 8am. It's a holiday, for crying out loud, people want to sleep in late! Grrr...

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from another local newspaper (heb) )

I say, he's right. It's time we had means to get back from Eilat as well!


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