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Check out the use of the cross as a dagger :)

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I shook the hand of Arik Zeevi!

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One of the older instructors told us a story about her daughter, a school student who is also a K.A.M.I. practitioner. There was one kid who constantly bullied her at school, and she always held back. One day the girl lost her patience, and punched the other kid in the face. The kid got badly bruised. Surely enough, she was brought before the principal who asked her "why did you hit him in the nose"? The girl calmly answered "because it's a pressure point".

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Amir takes part only in the first fight.
(For a bigger screen click here).

JJ Show.

Oct. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm
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Reminder - the Ju Jitsu show is today! Due to unforseen circumstances I have to attend a wedding tonight, so I'll be taping it. As for the rest of you, don't miss it. The guys do know how to stage a performance.

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[Error: unknown template video]Let's take a break from this war business. Here's an old video from our club. Asaf gives Hila a half-serious jujitsu lesson for YTV, an Israeli youth channel on satellite. (For some of you it's a rerun).
Pay attention to the "thugs". One of them can be spotted sitting in the club's lobby, far away from the main scene of action ;-)

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This Joseph Linder dude has awarded himself the 10th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, no less. Just for sake of comparison, in our school the head master Soke Robert Clart is 9th Dan, and I'm not sure he trains students any more. Anyway, there are some curious video clips on Joseph's site (rus).


Sep. 30th, 2005 10:23 am
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My neighbour Snir is practicing capoeira with the Cordão de Ouro group. I promised him I'd shoot him with my good old mechanical Canon with its 5 fps motor. The camera fired like crazy and the results look a bit like an old-fashioned flip book.

Snir and friend, 3 images and 2 angies )

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שלוש כתבות (1, 2, 3) על אמנויות לחימה ב-NRG מעריב. פופולרי, אבל לא פשטני מדי.

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Mazin, how come you are not in Ganey haTaarukha?


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