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Some more music for programming. Skip forward 1 minute to pass over the drum intro.

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Sitting with my kid, watching the "Payphone" music video for the first time. The flick looks like a typical American action movie, I tell him. There's a bank robbery, shots are fired, there's stupid heroism, there's a beautiful girl, there's a car chase, there's police, there are helicopters. The only thing that's missing is explosions... There were explosions.

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I'm hooked on this thing. No musical instruments, just sampling, distortion and looping.

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Strange words, but good effort nonetheless.

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Driving in my car this morning, I had an idea for a new reality show. It will be called "Israel (or America/whatever) has no more talent", and it will feature famous, established singers in the industry. The judges will have to decide, whether these people really know how to sing, or have lost it (never had it?) at some point along the way. The winner of each round will be demoted from the status of "singer" to the status of "bathroom singer" and will remain there until the end of their natural life. I can think of several people who can win this event hands down.

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The stuff that I catch on 89.1FM on the way to work...

The girl riding shotgun is hot!

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Beautiful (and unconventional) guitar technique.
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In case you don't follow me on Google+, here's a replay.

Listen in full volume only :)

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Indexed YouTube clips.

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People say that they choose music according to their current mood. Well, I think it's the other way around. Music has tremendous effect on your mood. If you are in a neutral kind of mood, and you hear something depressing, you'll get depressed, and the other way around. Don't be lazy, put on a disk you like, or switch channels on the radio if they start broadcasting all kinds of "dark days of war" stuff.

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Since my first post about the Jew's harp, there has been some development on the net (sites such as YouTube and Imeem have appeared, yeeha!). Here you can see a short video that covers a wide variety of shapes and sounds describing this instrument. I heard a few interesting performances during the Israeli didgeridoo festival, but regrettably haven't got any recorded. For those interested in what the lady says (English translation), it's in the info column of this video on YouTube (press "more info").


Aug. 28th, 2007 05:18 pm
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Two Moon Butterflies - Koan.

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Turn up the volume, add some extra bass, and enjoy. The 80s are back!

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In the Bulgarian version of the Music Idol contest, the participants were asked to perform a song in a foreign language. Preslava Peycheva chose Naomi Shemer's "Eucalyptus Grove" (חורשת האקליפטוס). The performance is more than decent.

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Well-known modern Russian songs, performed in Hebrew by various artists /MP3, text/ (via [livejournal.com profile] shaulreznik).
Check out #8 in particular.

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Is it only me, or does the Serbian song sound like Shiri Maimon's "Ahava Ktana"? You know, the one that goes:

אז מה יהיה איתך עם המשחק שלך
מסך ההתעלמות שלא הורג אותך, הוא מחשל אותך
אין לי אהבה קטנה לתת לך
אין לי אהבה קטנה.
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Someone who calls himself "shezif" (prune) in a remake of "Rotze Banot", Electrical Engineering style.

lyrics )

Update: Bonus track - Rotza Banim...


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