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Wadi Kelt in Givat Shapira

(from maps.livejournal.com)

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Since I have all these programmers on my friends list, this should be appropriate here. So I work with Eclipse, and I decide I want to restart my work. All my changes - I want them gone, back to repository version. So I do right-click, "team", "revert". Okay? I press "okay". Then Eclipse detects something weird has happened. "The file has changed on disk. Do you want to load the new version?". Like ... yes? Please?

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Want to read Arabic? Learn the letters.

Nothing to it.
(1st line) faraqa (difference) al-bint (girl) wal-walad (and boy) be-starbucks.
(2nd line) al-walad (the boy): Mocha.
(3rd line) al-bint (the girl): Caramel macchiato extra hot skimmed milk without thaani oxide al-carbon (CO2) with little kabritat alhadeed (ferrous sulfate).

What did I just read??

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.ногá החבר'ה במשרד גילו לי כוכב חדש בשמי כדור הארץ, עם השם הרוסי המוזר

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- Hello, we are calling from the Shas party. Could you please say who you are going to vote for in the elections?
- That is confidential.
- Okay, can you say who you voted for in the previous elections?
- That is confidential as well.
- Mmmm... okay. Thank you.


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A clock mechanism with three hands

Top left corner says "a clock mechanism with three hands". Spotted today at the doctor's office.

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We built this cityCan someone please explain, what is that green bear doing there? The shot was taken 3 weeks ago in Petah Tikva.

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Okay, so in this story there are 3 players: yours truly, the hi-tech placement agency (let's call them WorkData), and a large employer in the north of the country (let's call them Slippy). So these WorkData people they are very professional, doing their job, and sending my CV to every firm that can possibly hire me. One of the firms is Slippy. Slippy invites me for an interview, I take the train north, go through the normal procedure (questions, riddles, code writing, the works) and leave with a good impression. And rightfully so, because I am invited for a second interview. This time things go really rough. I feel like the interviewer and I are speaking in different languages. I don't quite get what he wants, he is not impressed by my skills, and the interview ends quite miserably. Mentally I swear I am not going back there, and indeed after a few days I get one of these standard "unfortunately, you were not selected for this position" letters. Fine with me, I forget about that place. But not WorkData. They were not updated, and think that I'm still an applicant at Slippy's. As I am approaching the finish line with other workplaces, WorkData call Slippy and say something along the lines of "Danny is about to close the deal, would you like to hurry up and give him an offer?". Guess what Slippy HR answers...Read more... )

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Danny Dorfman

Who is this cute little Danny Dorfman? :)


Feb. 17th, 2012 08:19 am
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I slept a bit, stretched, yawned, blinked, scratched, blew my nose, spat, coughed, sneezed, peed, and farted (for a good measure). Routine maintenance.

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Whenever I go out for a walk, and pass by a house with a dog going crazy behind the fence, barking and leaping at the railing, I always pick a small stick and try to shove it in its nose. The dog is usually so shocked, that it becomes quiet for few minutes.

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Driving in my car this morning, I had an idea for a new reality show. It will be called "Israel (or America/whatever) has no more talent", and it will feature famous, established singers in the industry. The judges will have to decide, whether these people really know how to sing, or have lost it (never had it?) at some point along the way. The winner of each round will be demoted from the status of "singer" to the status of "bathroom singer" and will remain there until the end of their natural life. I can think of several people who can win this event hands down.

Holy crap!

Dec. 11th, 2011 03:11 pm
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"Danger! Franciscan sewage station. Entrance forbidden! In case of a malfunction call the number..."

(Spotted by the Franciscan church in Capernaum).

Danger! Franciscan sewage

Never knew that Franciscan sewage was somehow special, compared to the regular kind. Hmmm...


Dec. 2nd, 2011 09:06 am
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I just found out that Americans think that the phrase "12 months" in Estonian is terribly funny. Can you figure out why?

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Typical Israeli "nobody will know the difference" attitude.

Jewish community in Finland Jewish community in the Ukraine

Spotted at the international Sukkot festival in Netanya.

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Helmets banned

"People wearing a helmet are not allowed to enter the branch" - a sign at the entrance to the Hapoalim bank in Givatayim. What about sunglasses and large hats?

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Хау из май драйвинг?and contagious.

Ани нахаг захир. Им харагти, хиткашер.

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i figli
("children" in Italian)

Not what you thought, huh?


Sep. 6th, 2011 09:50 pm
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Yesterday our team at work decided to take a time-out, and have a small dinner party. We chose the 2C restaurant, which is located on top of the tallest building in Tel-Aviv, the Round Tower of the Azrieli Business Center. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive, I browsed through the touristic brochures scattered on the coffee table at the entrance. Something strange caught my eye. How on earth did they end up with this version of the view South-West? (appears in all the non-Hebrew versions)

Azrieli Observatory - RussianAzrieli Observatory - Hebrew
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Horrible, horrible story. Although the 12-y/o kid in the picture looks married...


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