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Here are some tips and tricks from the photo course. They're pretty scattered, but what the heck.
  • If your photo lab can print on 10x14cm paper (instead of the usual 10x15), you're better off with that one.
  • If you have to use the 10x15cm paper, think of the options. It's either "fit" (a white border will be visible), or "fill" (they'll chop off whatever doesn't fit in the rectangle). "Fit" is probably better.
  • When choosing your lab, make sure they use either Fuji or Kodak paper, with the golden logo on the back. Those are the good ones.
  • It's advisable to ask the lab not to fix the colors and the brightness.
  • When shooting, use center-weighted metering as default. In tricky situations, use partial/spot.
  • In order to do perform "panning" (tracking a moving object at slow shutter speed), try using 1/20 sec, and adjust from there.
  • Set your white balance manually. You'll probably do a better job than your camera's "automatic" setting. This is particularly true, when there are no white objects in the viewfinder.
C'est tout. Nothing else I didn't know before.

P.S: What makes a photo special? 1) if you saw something that many people passed by without noticing, 2) if you saw it from an unusual angle.

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Made me wonder during the photography course last week ...

[Poll #1087199]

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Johnny says Paint.NET is cool. Anyone used it?

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Dror Davidman is a very promising Israeli photographer. I've just received a PPS with his images, wanted to convert it into single photos, but then saw that he had a beautiful website of his own. In particular, note the colored infrared photos.


Oct. 6th, 2006 07:37 am
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High Dynamic Range Photography using CS2.

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wikiHow saves the day!

(advice #10 could come in useful sometimes, ahemm... yeah)

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A camera capable of producing differently focused images from a single exposure. I wonder if this technology will catch on.


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What are the coolest editing features of Picasa?

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Went to the 2005 graduates' exhibit in Bezalel today. I don't care much for the video arts and product design, but the photographic galleries were quite a feast. I just love how they make the color slides into backlit displays, with all the vibrant colors shining through the transparencies. The pictures weren't bad either :) Gave me the urge to go on and shoot some Velvia again...


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