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Another funny story from the Meshushim Stream trip two weeks ago. As I was unfamiliar with the new entrance to the nature reserve, I was driving with Waze on. Everything went fine, until I had to take the final turn left, to go up road 888. Waze told me I had a few more km to go, when suddenly something clicked ... "route recalculation"! The turn left disappeared, and instead a new route, much longer and more complicated appeared on screen. 20 more minutes! Wow. I couldn't believe my eyes. Middle of the day, empty roads, my destination so close, and now this. I took a chance, and turned left anyway. And there it was - the cause of my trouble. A Waze-equipped car that pulled over to the side of the road, the driver busy talking to someone.

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Returned home after a crazy 2.5 week family vacation on the East Coast. So much ground covered, and so many things left out, like always. We went to Amish Country in PA, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Manhattan, Brooklyn, several lakes, rivers and nature reserves, visited friends and family, amusement parks, and shopping outlets. It's all one big mess in my head right now. There are some photos I took, but they need to be sorted out (too many to show at the moment). Here's one photo for starters.

Taken at my cousin Alon's place in Delaware, it shows an outdoor firepit. It's a simple metal bowl on a stand, with firewood burning inside it. So simple, and so nice for spending time with friends in the backyard. Where can one get these things here in Israel?

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I am very gifted in filling out forms, particularly American ones. One time, as I was filling out the CBP declaration before landing in Newark, I omitted the 'f' in my last name. I was tired and did a sloppy job. You can imagine what kind of procedure you're subjected to, if you don't "remember your own name".
This Friday, at the American consulate in Tel-Aviv, a similar story. I approached the 3rd station, and was politely greeted by the secretary. First question - What month were you born in? - April. - Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure, I was born on April 15th. - Then why did you fill out March? - What??! - You wrote here that you were born in March. - I am sorry, I made a honest mistake. - Okay, let me correct that for you.
Damn those computerized forms. One scroll of the mouse, and the month changes. The rest of the interview was pretty standard. I'll get the visas this week.

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Some cool places I remember from my visit to Norway (more than 10 years ago).

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Dad writes: This is how all taxis in Tokyo are equipped today. On the right you see the driving directions, and on the left - a general view of your current location, with an arrow that points where you're heading.

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Friday evening at the dinner table someone brought up the topic of traveling abroad. This reminded me of my personal record in lucky timetables. One day I set out to my friend's parents' place in Jyväskylä, in the heart of Finland. I stepped out of my apartment in Lod at 6am, drove to the airport, took a plane to Vantaa, then a bus to Helsinki central train station, then a train to Jyväskylä, another bus to reach their house on the outskirts of town ... and was at their doorstep at 6pm (no time difference)!

What was your luckiest break in long distance traveling?


Aug. 13th, 2005 09:28 pm
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My friend Lior Levinsky just came back from a two-week trip to Iceland. He and his guide shot more than 400 pictures, and I managed to narrow it down to just 25. The land of ice and geysers, for your enjoyment.

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