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Who is this cute little Danny Dorfman? :)

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Yesterday we saw a documentary about an Israeli woman, who works as a sign language interpreter. Once she had to interpret during a court hearing. The defendant was very agitated, and spoke in the sign-language equivalent of yelling - "you idiot, son of a bitch, you don't know shit", etc. She had to mimic his exact tone and say the words that he signed. She was held in contempt of court.

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Yesterday I saw a sitcom about the life of a Muslim community in Canada. They tried to make it funny, but the image of an Arab elder trick-o-treating and being taken for Osama Bin Laden just doesn't do it for me somehow. Or as Yuval Hamebulbal would have put it ever so eloquently - "errr?!"

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Not that my kids have a TV addiction, but having a few alternatives at hand is always a good idea.

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Watched "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" on TV. What a mess in the subtitles.
Bird of Prey - ציפור תפילות
at ease! - !בקלות
warp drive - חבל גרירה
... and that's just from briefly glancing at the bottom of the screen. Any 12-y/o Trekkie could have done a better job.

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I don't know if anyone watched the "Line Up" (מסדר זיהוי) game show on channel 10, but yesterday it was just terrible. There was no way whatsoever to guess who was who (except for one or two obvious choices), and to top it all: they misspelled the profession of one of the participants. Instead of writing "פנצ'ר מאכער" (tire repairman) they wrote "פנצ'ר מעכאר", which makes no sense in any language. Israeli "sloppy job" attitude at its best.

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A fake "missing person" site, which is actually an ad for Hanefilim science fiction series on TV: www.find-tzuri.co.il
If you call the phone number listed at the bottom of the page, a recording is played, where the person presumably cannot hear you. What an ugly form of advertisement.

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Make a note in your calendars - this coming Wednesday, Oct. 4th on Dudu Topaz (Channel 10, 21:00), there's gonna be a 3-minute demonstration of Ju Jitsu by our Sensei, Amir Barnea. Don't mind the buffoon who's hosting the show, and watch the program. Come to think of it, this is national exposure in prime time, for free. Wow!

Amir -->

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Did you hear how Carlos was this close to getting killed on road 57? I'm telling you, this road is a menace to public safety. They did some work on it lately (around Beit Lead) to make it wider, but what good did it do? People still drive like crazy there, and nobody gives a frog's ass! Where are the police when you need them? Sheesh...

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Have you seen that commercial with Jacques Cohen and the old man telling him about sabikh? The old man says "when I was a kid in Iraq, we used to" ... bla bla bla ... and then he makes a silly word game with "sabikh" (the eggplant dish) and "subbekh" (morning in Arabic). Well, this is total nonsense. The dish does come from Iraq, but it never had a proper name before it made aliyah to Israel. As Nana - Food explains, it is named after a person, Sabikh (Zvi in Hebrew) Sasson, who first sold it in Israel 40 years ago. People used to tell him "give me one of those, Sabikh", and eventually the dish was named after its maker. So this old dude in the commercial couldn't have possibly had any such memories from his childhood, unless he's Sabikh himself!

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Here I am, watching Desperate Housewives, and they tell us about Bree's weekly schedule. There's one day when she does her laundry, there's another day when she works in her garden, on yet another day she gets her groceries, and there's one last day (and here's the question) when she pays her bills. Now, I also have a house, and expenses, and I also have bills. But I don't allocate a whole day for paying bills every week. How come? What's so special about life in America that you have to work so hard at it?

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Did you hear our own Oded Fehr speak arabic on Sleeper Cell? As far as my ears can tell, every ʻayn and every ḥā was just in place. Mumtaaz!

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I guess it's possible to "vote for the Pensioners" on Eurovision as well...

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אתמול ב"תא רדום" דרווין מתעסק עם הטלויזיה הדפוקה של אמא שלו, בזמן שבחוץ מתנהלת מסיבה קטנה. הוא אומר לה "I will fix your reception before I go". התרגום הוא "אני אטפל באורחים שלך לפני שאלך"...


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