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Rumor has it, that they're gonna build another Cinema City soon, this time in Netanya. The old movie theaters in the Hadarim mall will be closed down, the freed space used up for Zara, and the new movie theater will be built near Max Brenner in the new industrial zone. Sounds good to me.


May. 7th, 2007 10:08 am
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Various trivia about our neighboring city (heb).
Note the tree dictionary, which lists some unusual trees that grow in the streets.

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This morning I heard on the radio, that they're gonna name a street in Wadi Nisnas in Haifa "Sesame Street". This is supposed to promote coexistence, tolerance, bla bla bla. Now imagine someone living there coming in for an interview:
- Your address please?
- 1 Sesame Street, ...
- Okay, now let's get serious. What is the name of the street?!
- ???

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חניה סלולרית עכשו בתל אביב יפו - 6455*

עיריית תל – אביב - יפו באמצעות חברת אחוזות החוף, מחפשת ללא לאות, פתרונות יצירתיים וחדשניים בנושא החניה עבור תושבי העיר ואורחיה. בתאריך 6/11/06 תשיק אחוזות החוף ע"י חברת סלופארק את פרויקט החניה הסלולרית בתל – אביב יפו, במסגרתו יוכלו תושבי העיר והמבקרים בה לחנות ללא צורך בכסף מזומן או כרטיסי חניה אלא באמצעות מכשיר הטלפון הנייד.

השרות החדש הופך את החניה בתל אביב לנוחה וקלה מאי פעם. פשוט מחייגים 6455* מהטלפון הנייד וחונים במהירות ובקלות בכל אחד מ-30 אלף מקומות החניה המסומנים בכחול לבן בתל–אביב (המותרים על פי חוק).

באחוזות החוף מבטיחים כי התהליך כולו מסתיים ב-3 לחיצות פשוטות ואורך כ-20 שניות בלבד.

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We're doing last-minute shopping and buying a circular fluorescent tube for the kitchen. Yahel takes the tube into his hands, makes a careless move, and the tube breaks on the floor. We, being exemplary parents, take two tubes (the broken one, and a new one) to the cashier's and intend to pay for them both. The cashier looks at me as if I'm some kind of a numbskull and tosses the broken tube into the trash. She then rings up only one tube and sends us on our way. Nice.

Dear ACE chain, I'm sorry for robbing you of 30 NIS. I hope you're insured against that.

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Today we went to Falafel2 for lunch. As we winished our meal and were about to depart, I took out my wallet in order to leave the customary 5 NIS ($1) tip. My colleagues stopped me. "Don't bother, the waitress is not going to get it". "What?!" - I couldn't believe it. "Yes", they said, "we had lunch here the other day, and the waitress told us the owner takes everything, including the tips". "But why does the owner need to know about this?" I asked. "He watches them", they said, " - that's how it works around here".

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Last night, just as I was leaving the building where I train (JJ, not LJ), I saw a police car pull over. There were two officers in the car - a man in the driver's seat, and a short fat woman next to him. The policewoman got out of the car and headed for the small grocery store nearby. As she was climbing the sidewalk, a cigarette butt flew out of her hand and landed on the asphalt. Her partner was busy with some papers in the car and probably hadn't noticed anything. I stood there, quite shaken. I wonder, what if I had walked up to the officer and asked him whether he could fine someone for littering in a public place, like ... right then? He would have probably said "yes", and I would have directed him to the dirty pig that had just committed the misdemeanor. Ahhh. If only ... Well, I didn't want the hassle and left.

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Did you notice that every railroad crossing in Israel has a guard sitting by it, day or night? They just sit there with their reflective jackets and watch the tracks. What exactly are they guarding the railroad for? Will they pull drivers, whose car got stuck on the tracks, away to safety? Are they there to improve the image of the railroad system? Your guess is as good as mine.


Mar. 27th, 2006 04:59 pm
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Where is chain mail used in modern urban life?

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When salespeople nag me about subscribing to magazines and newspapers, I tell them I am illiterate.


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