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Dr. Oded Amihai, a former executive in Refael (Israeli Weapons Development Authority) refutes some of the claims against the laser-based rocket interception system "SkyGuard", lists its advantages, and explains why it hasn't been deployed in Israel up to this day (heb).

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Tapuz gives its readers some advice for dealing with the end of the world, tomorrow (heb).

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Try and reserve a zimmer in the North today, tomorrow, or for the next week. Not a single room left.

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Another pro-Israeli essay that comes from Lebanon: State of Denial by Michael Béhé.

Russian translation )

Am I naive in believing it's genuine?

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Interrogation of a captive Hezbollah terrorist: http://www.tapuz.co.il/flix/showVideo.asp?m=908588
(Arabic, Hebrew subtitles)
Note that there's a possibility of transportation between Lebanon and Iran, which doesn't involve any paperwork whatsoever.

(via [livejournal.com profile] shaulreznik)

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Yesterday, in "Uvda", Ilana Dayan's show, they showed actual fighting against the Hezbollah in South Lebanon. The TV crew joined a platoon whose mission was to destroy a bunch of terrorists hiding in a deserted house. I'm not a big expert in field combat, but even I know that before you engage the enemy, you have to weaken its positions. Artillery, hand grenades, portable missiles, bombing from the air, anything goes. Now this house looks like it's just been built, not a scratch, and our soldiers simply walk in there as if it were a Sunday morning stroll. Sure enough, they get hit at close range, and have to double back to evacuate their wounded. Is there anything different about this war than all the rest? Why the kid gloves treatment? It's not that "purity of arms" bullshit, is it?

update: more from Rafi Ginat, in Hebrew )

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People, enough is enough. Stop showing me photos and films about "how bad they are". Yes, I know I did so myself in the past, but now the coin has dropped. We know how bad they are, the Europeans know how bad they are, everyone knows how bad they are, and nobody gives a frog's ass. It's time to show everyone, and first and foremost to ourselves, how good we are. Show our successes, show our achievements, show our strengths and not our weaknesses. Stop the apologetic whining of "they started it" - it makes us look ridiculous. Show the enemy's body bags, for crying out loud. Show the terrorists defeated!

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[livejournal.com profile] moabites has had her husband killed in Lebanon...

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- אבא, אתה יודע למה צריך להקשיב למפקד של המזבלה בטלויזיה?
- של החיזבאללה. כן, למה צריך להקשיב לו?
- כי אז הוא יגיד מה הוא הולך לעשות, ואנחנו נהיה מוכנים!
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I did feel the one near Hadera. Very distant, but noticeable, at 9pm.

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[Error: unknown template video]Can someone please explain to me why we don't have this kind of weapon systems available right now?

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Depeche Mode is not coming to Israel after all! Yes!!!
(I couldn't get any reasonably priced tickets, and was dying to go)

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Что делать, если вас в очередной раз пытаются убедить в непропорциональности реакции Израиля.
  1. Вступите в беседу и поинтересуйтесь у оппонента, считает ли он приемлемой силовую реакцию.
  2. Когда он скажет "нет", спросите "почему?"
  3. Подождите, пока он скажет что-то типа "потому, что это приведет к дополнительным невинным жертвам, дополнительной жестокости/агрессии и эскалации...".
  4. Когда он дойдет до середины фразы - дайте ему по морде. Ударьте его по лицу, достаточно сильно.
  5. Когда он попытается ударить вас в ответ, привлеките его внимание к тому факту, что данный его поступок противоречит его моральным установкам, приведет к дополнительной агрессии и эскалации ситуации.
  6. Подождите, пока он согласится с этим доводом, и согласится не проявлять дальнейшей жестокости.
  7. Ударьте его еще раз, на сей раз посильнее.
  8. Повторяйте пункты 5-7 до тех пор, пока ваш оппонент не поймет, что иногда надо дать сдачи.

(from Emil)

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imagine this picture (heb) )

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Click below to send a personal message of support and a chocolate bar to an Israeli soldier for free (courtesy of Elite and the Heritage Affinity Services credit card).


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Our Local Council has proudly announced, that people from the North will be entitled to all kinds of free stuff, including free entrance to the swimming pool. This morning we asked our house guests to fetch their IDs and promised them a fun day at the pool. And what do you think? The pool people said that "it doesn't work on weekends". Well, thank you very much. Never mind the money, but what an embarrassment.

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We have no power. Has it started?

Update: False alarm. Just a general power malfunction in the entire country. No biggy.


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