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Since I have all these programmers on my friends list, this should be appropriate here. So I work with Eclipse, and I decide I want to restart my work. All my changes - I want them gone, back to repository version. So I do right-click, "team", "revert". Okay? I press "okay". Then Eclipse detects something weird has happened. "The file has changed on disk. Do you want to load the new version?". Like ... yes? Please?

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What does this program print?
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  int a = -10;
  unsigned int b = 2;

  printf("%d\n", a/b);

  return 0;

Counter-intuitive, huh?

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Quiz question

A question on a very serious quiz I did for work today. I chose (a), and the system confirmed it was correct.

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> php -r "define('MY_CONST'); unset(MY_CONST');"
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''', expecting T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in Command line code on line 1

Greek? Indonesian? Malay?


Mar. 26th, 2007 09:01 am
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Yesterday, as part of a volunteering job initiated by my employer, I spent half a day at a high school in Pardes Katz. I was on a team whose job was to turn the school's backyard from a weed-ridden lot into a neat garden. We did the weeding, the plowing, the fertilizing and the planting all in five hours. The old irrigation system was out of order, so we had to install a new one. The fun part of the day was using a rototiller for the first time in my life. This nondescript piece of garden machinery does the job of a pickax, only twenty times faster. Strong steel blades rotate with great force and dig deep into the ground, lifting the soil and turning it over. I felt like the proverbial peasant plowing his field, only the horse got a day off :)

At one point we were about to plant the next garden bed, when one of the students asked "what about the falafel"? What falafel? It turned out, that they have a falafel stand right next to the school's fence, a stand which is very popular during the breaks. - "But we were about to plant some flowers here!" - "Look, either you make a footpath for the falafel, or we'll make one!". The flower bed was promptly converted into a footpath.

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The Marker writes a few kind words about Avaya and the Mondial (heb).

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What a cool little connector, this US patent 5199906. It will change the gender of your video cable, enabling you to plug a male connector into a male socket!

Wait, no, that won't work. Maybe a female connector into a female socket? Nope, that won't work either. Mmmm...

What did you say this thing does?

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Some curious material we got in an American-Israeli intercultural workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to improve the business correspondence between us and the Americans, and to make us look more ... ahemmm ... civilized :)


Effective communication is partly a matter of knowing certain special expressions. Some of the ways we change the basic message, can however be generalized.

Below are some examples of how to "soften" your communication.

  1. Using would, could or might to make what you say more tentative
    • “That is unacceptable” - “That would be unacceptable”

  2. Presenting your view as a question rather than a statement.
    • “That is too late” - “Isn’t that too late?”

  3. Read more... )


    How to …


    Asking for an opinion
    • What’s your opinion of …?
    • What’s your position on …?
    • What do you think of …?
    • I’d like to hear your views on …

    Read more... )

    And remember - whenever you want to convey an unpleasant message, wrap it into something positive from both sides ;-)
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Today they're installing windows all over the office. They don't need licenses, they don't crash, they don't need patches or antivirus software, they don't need firewalls, they do their job perfectly and no-one will ever complain. They won't need new hardware either, because they are the hardware. They're made of aluminum and glass.

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Has anyone done any serious comparative work between the two packages? On first glance, it looks like GIT has many features that CVS hasn't even dreamt of, but are they really important? Would you switch to GIT from CVS, providing the project is highly distributed?

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] linux.

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(from Section 5.10, of Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley)

A programmer had recently installed a new workstation. All was fine when he was sitting down, but he couldn't log in to the system when he was standing up. That behavior was one hundred percent repeatable: he could always log in when sitting and never when standing.

Most of us just sit back and marvel at such a story. How could that workstation know whether the poor guy was sitting or standing? Good debuggers, though, know that there has to be a reason. Electrical theories are the easiest to hypothesize. Was there a loose wire under the carpet, or problems with static electricity? But electrical problems are rarely one-hundred-percent consistent. An alert colleague finally asked the right question: how did the programmer log in when he was sitting and when he was standing? Hold your hands out and try it yourself.

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Top 10 Items in the Linux Admin Toolkit (via [livejournal.com profile] slashdot).

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Did you know that when you set up your monitor (V-size, pincushion, rotation, etc.) it actually talks to your graphics card? Therefore, if you have two computers and one monitor via KVM, you can't "ruin" the setup of one computer by messing with the other. I'm speechless...

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The feature of a telephone handset that allows you to hear yourself talk, acting as feedback that the phone is really working. Sidetones are actually short line echoes bled back into the earpiece. Too much sidetone sounds like an echo and too little sounds so quiet that people think the phone is broken.

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(a combination of compression & expanding) a process in which the dynamic range of a signal is reduced for recording purposes and then expanded to its original value for reproduction or playback.

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A fun competition for building makeshift sailing vessels. If you have any ideas ([livejournal.com profile] dimrub!!!), please drop me a line.

competition rules in English )

original mailing in Hebrew )


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