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A recent additional to my cubicle - a hydroponic plant with its own Japanese-style fountain. The fountain runs on a/c power, and adds a quiet bubbling sound to my working environment. What a beautiful present from the missus. Thank you luv!


May. 7th, 2007 10:08 am
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Various trivia about our neighboring city (heb).
Note the tree dictionary, which lists some unusual trees that grow in the streets.

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Added some pictures to the "weird tree" post.

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Gardening wisdom: if you love your young trees, top them.

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Yesterday I finally stopped my car by that mysterious "bottle tree" that's been puzzling me for ages. The tree grows green bottle-shaped fruit, the size of a champagne bottle. I tried knocking some down, but they wouldn't budge. The ones I found on the ground were hollow, with a hard brown shell. Anyone knows what kind of tree this is?

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In kibbutz Revivim in the Neggev desert there's a special grove. For several years one of the residents of the kibbutz has been "training" the tree trunks to grow in peculiar ways. I don't know if the trees like it, but they are all alive and doing well.

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This morning I woke up to discover that my carob tree had collapsed during the night. I germinated the seed myself some 4 years ago, planted it, cared for it, and saw it grow into a beautiful 3-meter high tree. There was only one problem with it - I planted the seedling too close to a wall, and it had to lean sideways not to hit it. This is where I made my mistake. Instead of replanting the young tree, I supported it with a string that prevented it from tipping over. The taller it became, the more it depended on that piece of string. It had never developed a strong root system or a sturdy trunk. The tree became a slender cripple, without any obvious signs of it. Last night the string tore under the weight of the treetop. The carob got instantly uprooted and lay on its side. I had to pull what had been left of it from the ground and toss it away.

In a broader sense, that could be taken as a lesson in life. By giving someone constant support, you deprive them from building their own strength. Once the support is gone, they collapse.

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When I was at Lookout Mountain, I got a whole bunch of gifts from their giftshop. I bought a cup with the Colorado flag on it, a bison wall thermometer, and a bunch of blue spruce seeds. Although every website and every gardening group says I don't have a snowball's chance in hell, I'll try to grow it in my back yard. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Today I pulled a small green plant from the hole in the kitchen sink, roots leaves and all. A seed fell in and germinated as if it were a planter.


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