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It the end of 2004, Uladzimir asked his friends, whether they wanted Christmas postcards from him. I said yes, and indeed, was pleasantly surprised to get a card a few weeks later. Except for the journal entries, that's the only souvenir I have from him.

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Jun. 5th, 2007 08:37 am
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Сheck out our own [livejournal.com profile] avva in a news piece about Google in Israel. Maybe I should rotate my screen a 90 degrees as well, what do you reckon? :P

(the same as embedded video - here)

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Uladzimir passed away last night. He was a journalist, a freedom fighter from Belarus, who lived and worked in Prague. He was an advocate of free speech, a promoter of the Belorussian language, and opposed Lukashenka's regime. A year ago a weird accident happened to him and his wife in Prague, when a firefighting truck hit them while they were on their way home. Uladzimir's head was badly hurt, and he went into a coma. His family has been fighting to save his life, and yesterday his body gave up.

I knew Ulazdimir through LJ, as [livejournal.com profile] rydel23. I had plans to meet with him in Prague last time I was there, we spoke on the phone once, but it didn't work out. He was a young man, only 30 years old. May he rest in peace.

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אביטל: ראיתי שנשארו לך עוד בירות מארוחת הצהריים.
אני: בא לך עוד בירה?
אביטל: יאללה, בוא נפתח בקבוק חצי חצי.
אני: לא, לא בשבילי. עוד כוס בירה, ואני שופך לאגר.
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I only took one picture of it -

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Jan. 14th, 2007 09:36 am
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Yesterday we visited some friends who live on ha-Tzalbanim street in Haifa. They've got a huge screen window that overlooks the Haifa bay and the lower town. Nothing obstructs the view. I imagine what it's like waking up every morning and seeing the world on the palm of your hand.

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Yesterday, a colleague of mine (let's call him Sammy) came to work a bit later than usual. Sammy stood in line to enter the multi-story parking garage next to our working place. The car ahead of him belonged to a 'guest' - someone who doesn't work here, and doesn't know the place well. The guest drove slowly, looking for a place to park. Sammy knew better - there was no free parking at least as high as floor 7. As the guest was driving slowly up the tower, Sammy overtook his car and climbed quickly up to higher levels. Lucky for him, there was a free spot on floor 6. Sammy parked his car, and was about to leave, when the guest stopped his car next to him. Turns out the guy was boiling mad. He yelled at Sammy that he stole his parking space and demanded that he left the spot at once. At first, Sammy thought that he was just blowing his top, but then he saw that the dude was serious. The guest came out of the car and was about to hit Sammy in the face. Guess what Sammy did? Well, probably the smartest thing. He moved his car. Just a side-note : Sammy is by no means a wimp, or someone who doesn't know how to use his fists.

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An new CGI technology enables animated characters to accurately mimic the facial expressions of human actors. See the full article, complete with video footage in NY Times, if you're interested (user: cuptea, pass: cuptea).

My personal angle to this story is the surprised face you see on the left. Her name is Ilana Rogel. She's an actor who takes part in this project, and a good friend of mine. She currently lives in LA. Way to go Ilana!


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